Kokum Syrup (520 ml)

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Manufacturer: Keynote International
Features: Vegetarian & Vegan

Keynote’s special line of squashes, syrups and concentrates have been developed taking into account flavour profile mixes of the world’s finest bartenders and mixologists. So whether you are enjoying a tall glass of lemonade on a casual workday or unwinding on the weekend with an alcoholic beverage of your choice – Keynote’s line of squashes, syrups and concentrates are your preferred flavouring agents. Our concentrates reflect true fruit flavours; whether they are tangy, sweet, astringent or for that matter even bitter. Our mission is to bring this level of authenticity to your refined palate. One can choose to add additional sugar to adjust the final taste according to one’s preferences.

A Tropical Delight: There’s no better feeling than sipping on a tall glass of chilled sparkling Kokum juice on a hot mid-day afternoon to cool your body, reinvigorate your senses and transport your soul to the beaches of Konkan & Goa. Getting there is easy with our Kokum Syrup. Just add 1 part of our Kokum Syrup to 4 parts of water or soda and serve with a generous amount of ice.

Traditional Recipe: Our Kokum Syrup is prepared using wild-grown GI Kokum fruits from Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India. Kokum juice along with Kokum solids/rinds are filtered, mixed with sugar and flavoured using local “Cumin” (a.k.a Jeera) to produce this all natural Kokum Syrup. This age old recipe has been passed on from one generation to the next.

Provenance & Silviculture: As of January 2017, Kokum Fruits from Sindhudurg have bagged an international GI (Geographical Identification) tag. Garcinia Indica trees or simply “Kokum” (pronounced: Ko-kam) trees as they are known locally have been growing for eons in the wild, in and around hilly areas of the western coast of Maharashtra in India.

No Additives & No Preservatives: We do not use any artificial colourants or flavours while preparing our Kokum Syrup. Kokum Syrup in its innate form is self-preserving in nature and has a long shelf-life if it’s stored properly.

Healthy, Vegetarian & Vegan: Kokum juice alleviates ailments resulting from indigestion and acidity. During hot and humid summers, it’s often used as a counter for “heat-strokes” and a delicious re-hydration fluid. It has a cooling effect on the body. It’s also known to clear out toxins and has significantly high levels of Vitamin C.

Ingredients: Kokum juice (34%), Sugar, Cumin

Directions: Add four parts of water (or sparkling water/soda-water) to one part of Kokum syrup. Serve with a garnish of fresh mint leaves and a generous amount of ice.


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