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Manufacturer: Keynote International
Features: Vegetarian & Vegan

Size/Length: Under 6 centimeters.

Our premium sun-dried Morel mushrooms are fetched from the northernmost Himalayas in Kashmir, India. Each morel is individually inspected for size and colour parameters. Only the most potent dark mushroom caps are packed for sale. We discard the tails, so you only pay for mushroom caps which contain that inimitable “umami” flavour. Our aim is to bring this rare, upscale and exotic ingredient from exclusive menus in Michelin star restaurants, straight into your kitchen and onto your plate. Morel Mushrooms are difficult to cultivate. If all the right conditions are met, they appear at the base/roots of large trees in mostly colder temperate forested areas. Due to the rare occurrence of these mushrooms, foraging for Morel Mushrooms is often termed as “hunting”, as is the case with regards to foraging for Black and Alba Truffles. Morel Mushrooms are hollow on the inside and are covered with a think cap which is full of ridges which resemble a tight honeycomb. The flavour of Morel Mushrooms can be described as intensely smoky and musky with deep earthy notes. Once re-hydrated and sauteed in butter, they give off a scintillating “umami” (like savoury smoked meat) flavour explosion like no other. Their aroma can be described as sharp and strangely intoxicating as it’s very similar to that of smoked meat. Due to their obscure and elusive blooming patterns coupled with incredible aroma and taste; Morel Mushrooms are a prized ingredient in various cuisines across the world. Though to enjoy these wonderful mushrooms, one doesn’t necessarily need to be a gourmet chef! Morels can simply be enjoyed by re-hydrating them, briefly sauteing them in butter and serving as is with a sprinkle of salt and a bit of pepper.

Flavour: Exotic mushroom connoisseurs believe that Morel Mushrooms are the closest one can get to black truffles when truffles aren’t in season; with respect to their flavour profile. The flavour of Morel Mushrooms can be described as intensely smoky and musky with deep earthy notes. Once rehydrated and sauteed in butter, they give off a scintillating “umami” (like savoury smoked meat) flavour explosion like no other. Morel Mushrooms are perfect when added to rice pilaf/pulao or as a sauce.

Provenance & Legacy: Our Morel Mushrooms are sourced from the northernmost Himalayan ranges of Jammu & Kashmir. While they’re mostly used in French delicacies for their intoxicating aroma and “umami” flavour profile, Morel Mushrooms have been a mainstay in traditional Kashmiri cuisine. In North Indian vegetarian cuisine, Morel Mushrooms are gaining popularity as they’re used as a substitute for meat for their strong and alluring “meaty & savoury” flavour profile.

Quality & Selection: Our Morel Mushrooms are whole (without tails), dark and sun-dried. They’re foraged from the Himalayan forests with their tails intact. Only the darkest most aromatic mushrooms are hand-picked during the sorting process. After this selection is made, their tails are chopped off so our customers only pay for the flavourful Morel Mushroom caps. These caps are dried, sorted yet again and then vacuum packed.

Instructions: Morel Mushrooms have a delicate honeycomb like structure which is extremely difficult to clean using conventional methods. The best way to clean these mushrooms is to re-hydrate them in salt or sugar water for 45 minutes. During this time, it’s recommended to gently whisk the mushrooms a few times to eject any soil/debris. Once re-hydrated, rinse them lightly, then place them on a clean napkin and pat them dry. Water which remains behind can be reduced to prepare a sauce.

Precaution: Morel mushrooms undergo minimal processing before they are packed in order to retain their flavour. Crevices of the mushrooms may harbor tiny stones or even insects. Follow usage instructions to mitigate this issue. For those who wish to take this additional cautionary step, rehydrated Morel mushrooms can be sliced in half (opened and flattened) to ensure there isn’t any foreign matter trapped within the Morel Mushroom cap.

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